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Why Short Term Rentals?

Short-term rentals allow property owners to rent their homes to carefully screened guests but also use the home when they want for family and friends.  The proceeds from renting the home can pay home expenses and/or create a nice profit.

What if I am unsure if I want to turn my home into a vacation rental?

We understand.   There are many different trade offs.  If you want….give us a call.  We can discuss under no obligation to see if it makes sense for you.  We promise, no pressure.

Why don't I just do all this myself?

That is an option, you can.  If you have the time, skill sets and patience, you can do much of this yourself.  If you want, please contact us and we can talk about the trade offs.  Most find it is more time consuming than it looks and guest expectations on response rates and details can be intense at times which for some is no issue at all.  If the motivation to do it yourself is the cost of using a service like ours, consider the fact that we are very likely to find more renters which can offset most if not all of your costs.

How much can I earn?

Every home has a multitude of variables that help determine the potential earnings.  For Shasta County there are many variables including the high and low season, proximity to lake, Mount Shasta or other attractions, views and the home itself.  In general, our experience shows a vacation rental* can obtain $150 to $400 a night in low season and $350 to $1000 a night in high season.  Vacation Rental Income over a year could be $40K to $130K per home.  We can provide a better estimate after we have a no obligation free discussion.

* Assuming it is suitable and appropriate for a vacation rental (which we can help with if it is not).

What do you mean by "Experience Managers"?

The term “property management” came from the long term rental space where the main thing they do is “manage the property”.  In the case of the vacation rental business, successful managers are about doing much more than this….they are “managing the experience” for the guest and owner.  This is a fundamental difference between how we approach this market vs. many others.

We manage the property but more importantly, we manage the Experience.

Does Shasta Lakeshore Retreat and Shasta Vacations 4 Rent have properties under management in the Shasta area?

Yes, we have some of the most popular vacation rentals in the area with bookings as far out as multiple years from happy returning guests.  We have more homes than any other property management company focused on Shasta Lake.

How will you handle the listing part of my vacation home?

We believe success in the rental space requires great exposure with an amazing listing. First, a photographer will be sent to your property to get professional images. Then we will create  personalized and intriguing content for your listing, sure to catch the eyes of vacationers.  We look for ways to pull the emotions and dreams of an ideal vacation out of our guests.  Your property will be posted on the major online vacation home/travel agencies, giving it exposure to millions of travelers.  After that, we continue to monitor, fine tune and adjust over time based on trends, the seasons, market conditions, etc.  We constantly review the availability and pricing to maximize your return.

What is your relationship with VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway, FlipKey and others?

We use these booking platform partners as a tool to help market and rent your home.  They tend to be one of the largest sources of customers.  Short-term rentals can earn 2-3x more than traditional long-term rentals and allow the owners to retain the use of the property. Additional benefits of using VRBO and Airbnb, include: Transparency for both the host and guest, accountability for guest actions and hosts responsiveness, as well as their $1 million Host Guarantee in the rare event of excessive property damage.  Return guests and guests we find on our own book direct with us and save the fees of these listing sites.

What is my involvement?

If you are using our full-service rental property management services, we aim to minimize our host’s involvement. We deal with guest issues, inquiries, and maintenance issues for you, so you don’t have to!

How quickly can you get us our first booking?

We can move as quickly as you would like us to.  If your property is fully furnished and all the guest amenities are in place, we could create an  listing within 24 hours and welcome your first guest shortly thereafter.

How do I know the house will be well maintained?

Our first checks or first line of defense is our excellent cleaning crew.  They get very familiar with your home and are quick to identify damaged or missing property. Beyond that, we employ spot checks of each property and ensure your home has not experienced any excessive damage between reservations.  As normal dialog, we communicate with the next guests after  check in with them to make sure everything is as they expected.  They tend to speak up if there is an issue that we missed.  Please note that some wear and tear is very common. We will work with you to budget some of the incoming money to keep your house looking great.

In the rare event of excessive property damage, we fix it quickly to not impact the next guests and we work with the guest in question to make sure the appropriate party takes care of the expense.

Please note that the frequent cleaning (after every stay) by our professional cleaning team in itself will help maintain your home better than just sitting vacant.  It will be cleaned much more than any regular home.

How does 'Shasta Lakeshore Retreat" and "Shasta Vacations 4 Rent" make money?

For the most part it is based on our performance in getting your home booked and used by many great guests.  Although the vast majority of the money paid by the guest will go to you the owner, a portion of it goes to our organization.  Rates in the US vary from about 20% to 50% of the gross revenues.  The average is 28%.  City locations tend to be less and more remote areas (like in the mountains) get more.  We will need to sit down with you to fully understand what we can do for you but our full service model is 30% of gross proceeds (after tax and cleaning fees are removed).  One thing is for sure, no vacation rental property company in Shasta County will do a better and more through job for you.

If you use an excellent organization like what we believe we are, most of this is absorbed as we will be able to bring in more renters than you can likely do on your own or with many other property management companies.

In summary, if we do our job right, it can end up costing you little or nothing as our expense can be offset by more business.  The good thing is that you will not have to invest the time or have the headaches.  Win-Win.

How do I get started?

Give us a call, send a text or e-mail.  We look forward to a free, no obligation discussion.

How are guests screened?

We use a number of different techniques to make sure we are only allowing guests that meet our agreed upon standards.

Most Airbnb and VRBO users are experienced guests and are a pleasure to host! But in order to keep members of the community accountable, these sites use a review system that reviews both the guest as well as the host.  We also engage with the guests to flush out anything that looks concerning.  This is followed by a comprehensive rental agreement which we require and a detailed rules of the house list.  We also collect a $1000 to $2000 deposit that is in our control.  We make it clear that we will hold them accountable.  This is one of the things you hire us for.

Are there any Short Term (or Vacation) Rental guidelines or rules that we have to follow?

Yes, Shasta County does require that we register your property.  It is not that difficult and we can take care of it for you.

Do you allow the guests to clean the house for the next guests?

No this does not work.  Everyone has different expectations and standards as far as what “clean” means.  We require that professional cleaners does it after every stay.  No exceptions.

How and when do I get paid?

You get paid monthly along with a detailed statement.

What type of properties do you manage?

We focus on Vacation Rentals (Short-Term) and we do not support long team rental clients.  Officially this is called “Transient Guest Occupancy”.  We support stays up to 30 nights.   We do this because the two models are very different and require different skills sets and support.  Again, we are “Experience Managers”.  We will only manage an entire home or condo, not individual rooms.

We will not agree to manage your property if we do not believe it can be successful in the vacation rental market.  We will be very honest with you on this point.  Once we talk we can let you know our thoughts.

Can I still enjoy my home for personal use?

Absolutely!  This is one of the great things about a vacation rental.  If there is ever a time you would like to have your vacation home for personal use, just let us know. So long as a guest booking has not previously been arranged for the time frame you would like to stay there, then that availability will be blocked out for your enjoyment.

With our high demand homes, we recommend you block dates throughout the year and release them when you know that you no longer intend to stay a particular day.

How familiar are you with this the Shasta area?

Very.  Prior to owning and managing vacation rentals around Shasta Lake starting in 2015, we vacationed here every year.

Are you able to turn a house the same day?

Yes!  We do it all the time.  Although it takes more discipline and planning on our part, this is one of the ways to maximize you revenue from guests.  Our guests depart by 11am and by 4pm our next guests can check into a professionally cleaned and fully stocked home.

Who do you see as the target guests for vacation homes in the area?

We focus and market to people who enjoy the area and the things it has to offer.  This tends to be people that like the outdoors.  Hobbies include boating, fishing, hunting, off road driving, hiking, snow skiing, biking, sightseeing and much more.  The choices for lodging are limited as their are very few if any nice hotel or lodges.  This leaves houseboats, camping and vacation rentals.  We work to increase the market size and potential by educating people from outside the area about how close Shasta is and what it has to offer plus make houseboaters aware of the positive benefits of a home for their vacation.

Will you build us our own web site?

You will either join our website under our branding or we can create a new one for you.

How do you avoid all the crazy simple questions that come with someone staying in an unfamiliar home?

We are a strong believer in what we call a “Welcome Book”.  This personalized document does many things to help a guest prepare, set expectations, answer their questions while in your home and information for check out.  This is sent to the guests with the booking and a copy of it is in each home for their reference.

Any recommendations on the ideal decor in the home?

Yes, we have plenty.  We will review this with you.  We will recommend some of the following:
1. Theme/decor that ties to the area and the reason people are on vacation in your home.  This might be photos of the area, water sports in the case of the lake or wildlife.  Fun signs like “Lake Time” etc.  You want them to feel like they are on vacation in a special area.
2. At the same time, we want to remove things that are too personal.  This includes family photos, etc.  Personal photos of your family tends to make a guest feel like they are in someone’s home rather than being on vacation.

We have much more to review with you…..

What about pets?

That is 100% up to you but we will review with you the pluses and minuses for you to consider.  Options include firm no pet policies, charging extra for a pet $120 per stay per pet, extra deposit for pet, rules like never left home alone or let on the furniture/beds.  Please note that many people do travel with pets so your home has a wider audience if you elect to allow.  We can discuss further and make recommendations.

How about local support and help?

Depending on the area and how remote it is, at times it can be challenging but that is what you have us for.  We have good people that will address needs as they surface.  We will not let unreliable or poor performers be associated with our organization or your home.

What will be the competition for our vacation home in the Shasta area?

Primarily other vacation homes in the area.  There is not much offered around the lake for example as far as hotels.  You will find families mostly either camp, stay on a houseboat or rent a vacation home.

Is there demand year around in the Shasta Area?

The highest demand around the lake will be during the summer, followed by the spring and fall.  Holidays like Christmas, New Years, Presidents Day and Thanksgiving are also strong.  The strongest period is from mid June to mid august.  Most vacation homes are full for this period of time.

As far as the slower times of the year, this is where we work with you to make your home more attractive, unique and standout more so you get the booking rather than someone else.


Which is better....Airbnb or VRBO (Homeaway)?

It really depends on the area and the type of home.  We find for renting out an entire home or condo (which is what we focus on), VRBO/HomeAway tends to generate more revenue than Airbnb for Shasta County.  We believe any home owner should use both of them in this area.  More importantly, it is important to have a direct booking platform which we have.

What about groups that have more people than our maximum?

This is one of the great things to consider about working with us.  Groups of 20 and more really struggle to find options yet we get many inquires for groups of 20, 30, 40, 50 and more.  We actually place listings for larger groups in Airbnb, VRBO and others.  We combine our multiple properties to make it work.  This is a big revenue enhancer by itself.

What happens if something like an air conditioner fails at my home?

We will quickly find a solution and get it fixed or replaced to minimize the impact to guests and revenue.  We will manage this and take care of it.  Since the homeowner ends up paying the bill, we will need guidance at the beginning of our relationship about when you want us to check with you first.

What about supplies like toilet paper and paper towels?

We strongly recommend that these items along with many others including trash bags, detergent, dish washing soap, coffee filters, spices, etc. are available for the guests.  As part of our service, we monitor to make sure the guests has plenty and we have inventory in place for many future guests.  We purchase the items at discount and send you a bill after in place.

What about sheets, towels, etc?

Guests expect that the owner supplies all of these items.  This includes enough for the maximum number of allowed guests and extras for issues that happen.  We manage this.

What about TVs and Internet?

As much as people say they want to get away from it all on vacation, we have found it to be a big mistake if you do not have TVs and Internet in your home unless there is no way to get it at your home.

Does it require different home insurance to have a vacation rental?

Yes, you need to make sure depending on the number of days per year that you rent it out, that you are covered.  Many times a policy might limit the number.  You do not want to be in a situation that there was a fire for example and you exceeded this number.  We have found policies that support unlimited vacation rental days and they are priced about the same.  Maybe 10% more but worth it not to worry about it.

Do you support Long Term Rentals over 30 Days?

No we do not get involved with anything over 30 days.  We do not support month to month or leases.