The 8 Vacation Rental Opportunities

Opportunity #1:

Start NOW

Bring in money now! Stop waiting or just thinking about it. We make it easy to get your Shasta home to market fast and in a professional manner. We can do it all or just part of it. Everyday you wait, you are losing money that could be in your bank account.

Opportunity #2

Try Us

Have you been doing it yourself and want a change? Or, no longer pleased with your current property manager? Our superior approach and proven results in this area should result in more money in your pocket and less headaches. Give us a try. You will not regret it.

Opportunity #3

Convert Full Time Rental Home

Convert your current full time Shasta area rental property into a vacation rental. Your benefits normally include more revenue and your ability to use it as much as you like also. Let us convert your investment into a solid vacation rental today.

Opportunity #4

When you are not home.

If you travel for business frequently and you are leaving the house empty, let us know which days/weeks and we will rent it out for you putting money in your pocket. We will show you how to do this and keep all your personal items safe.

Opportunity #5

Travel the World!

Are you retired in the Shasta area but want to travel the world but lack the money to do it? Pick the days/weeks you want to travel and we will rent out your home. The proceeds from renting your home can go to paying for the lodging around the world. Who says there is no free lunch.

Opportunity #6

Rent to rent

Without any property to rent out? No problem, find a good long term rental property, sign a lease (that allows you to use as vacation rental) and get into the vacation rental business. We will rent it out as a vacation rental yielding more over the year than you pay in rent. The delta is money in your pocket.

Opportunity #7

You as the property manager.

Ok, you do not want us as your property manager but you have been waiting to take the big step to turn your home into a Shasta vacation rental. No problem. You can hire us to get you into the vacation rental business. As a paid consultant we can guide you or put everything in place. We know the process and market well.

Opportunity #8

Today with us...later yourself.

No problem. We will get you into business and start to build up a recurring customer base....then you can take over later.

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